short zooms

Been playing with wicket somewhat. Wixket is yet another component inspired web framework that abstracts away the nature of the HTTP protocol. Wicket is now an apache project and close to a 1.3 release. It is a lot more mature since I last looked at it. The documentation is as usual for open source stuff lacking. The mailinglist is quick to respond but the developers have a tendency to call people lazy bastards that should read the source. Not the friendliest bunch but generally they try so don't be discouraged. Anyway, wicket handles the session for you, it stuffs things there galore and you have no idea what. That is the only downside I've found so far and if that isn't a concern wicket zooms big time.

Been working with maven on my day job. The more I use maven the more it confirms an earlier sighting, maven does NOT zoom.

My friend does not zoom, not yet, he still has not started a blog, nor started blogging here.

Had a look at BeanShell again, I like beanshell fine but come on. There has been no updates on their site for a looong time. You could at least put up a sign saying that BeanShell has been abandonded if that is the case.
BeanShell zooms but it seems to have zoomed very far out.