Things that zoom

The actual reason that got me to finally create a blog was to get a friend of mine to create a blog. He has more interesting things to say than I do. So I thought that I should 'blog' about how he really should start a blog. Well, and to write about other things as well, prgramming for example.
So, this is my blog where I intend to write about another non-existent blog and about coding in Java, because that's what I do.


  1. I think you have a lot of interesting stuff to share in your own blog!
    But.....it would be nice if our friend started to blog as well..

  2. Bah, I was actually going to start a blog now, but it turned out that the name I wanted was taken by someone who set up a blog in march '05 and then never wrote a single post.

  3. So why not blog here then?


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