Things that might very well zoom in the near future is the JDA-composer check it out.

I've been writing a Swing application with the purpose to make it quicker to prototype Java2D-code. I wanted an application that made a Graphics2D object available to a BeanShell script so that the script could draw on it. The app should then display the results. I also did not want to write an editor so the app should watch a script file for changes so that I could edit the script in jEdit.
The basic functionality is finished and works, but only for JavaScript (the Rhino engine included in JDK 1.6). Right after I've comitted the code and started looking at including BeanShell support I found Scott Violet's blog and his excelent app. Which is almost the same as mine, enough so that I put my application on hold.

Still no bloggings from my friend.

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