bzr commit -m "zoom"

So I've switched to using Bazaar VCS instead of subversion. So far I haven't got the eclipse plug-in to work. It complains about not finding the xml-output bazaar plugin. Bazaar o.t.o.h lists it as a plug in after I've finally installed it correctly. Since my coding is a solo-project I've not really run into any complicated merges so I do not know if bazaar lives up to it's own hype. To be really honest I think I've still to understand what all the concepts like, trees, branches, commit and so on hangs together. But so far and from what I've read I really like bazaar. I hope to put it to the test in some more complicated merges in the future. Specifically the refactoring stuff you do in java, move a file and change its content while merging in other textual changes in the file. This is something that I've done a lot of in ClearCase which handles the merges pretty well but sometimes it really sucks. There are lots of other reasons to really hate clearcase but branching and merging is something it does pretty darn good all things considered.
My non-blogging friend, which I've managed to meet for a friendly game of drunken zombies has hinted that he will start blogging. Looking forward to it :-)

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